I have been a Hollywood make-up artist for two decades. While working on a film with JoAnna Connell, she introduced me to her product Micro Pearl Resurfacing. She gave me a treatment along with the film's stars. I saw and felt a major difference in my skin immediately. I came to work the next day wearing no makeup. My skin looked and felt like a baby's bottom. I will continue to use Micro Pearl Resurfacing forever and share my secret with all my celebrity clients.
Thank you JoAnna.

Renée Ferruggi
Valencia, California

I am a professional make-up artist and should have known better. I received broken capillaries on my face after just one treatment of Micro Dermabrasion. I thought I would never exfoliate my skin again until I met JoAnna. She gave me my first Micro Pearl Resurfacing Treatment. I'm sold! My skin has never looked or felt better, especially after after just one treatment. With Microdermabrasion my skin felt tight and dry for days afterward, but with this fantastic product, Micro Pearl Resurfacing, my skin felt soft and subtle right away. I'm thrilled with this product and can't say enough good things about it.

Jennifer Bell
Santa Monica, California

I work in the film industry as a hairstylist. I work many long hours and work with many harsh chemicals (hair sprays, smoke, dust, etc). All of these combined with time cause premature aging of the skin. After using Micro Pearl Resurfacing just once, I noticed a difference. I am pleased to say many fine lines around my mouth were softened. I have sensitive skin so I am happy this product is so gentle yet works profoundly.

Yvonne Depatis-Kupka
West Hills, California

My skin was looking dull and lifeless and I noticed immediate signs of aging skin. My friend introduced me to Micro Pearl Resurfacing. I was amazed how wonderful my skin looked after just one treatment. I feel I've taken years off my age.
Thank you so much!

Kim Beard
Venice, California

I was very impressed with the results of Micro Pearl Resurfacing. I have noticed a decrease in the ruddiness from rosacea. My pores seem smaller and less noticeable. The overall tone has improved and my skin looks brighter and younger. I recommend Micro Pearl Resurfacing to everyone. I was very skeptical, but I decided to give it a try anyway and I'm very glad I did.

Marie-Ann Deane
Montreal, Quebec

I used your Micro Pearl Resurfacing and just loved it. I recommended it to my husband and even he liked it, which is very rare.
Thank you.

Kathy Lee
Vancouver, British Columbia

Dear JoAnna,
Thanks for introducing me to Micro Pearl Resurfacing. The results are fantastic and when my friends asked me what is different about my appearance, I tell them Micro Pearl Resurfacing. This is the "fountain of youth in a jar."

Dena Faye
Santa Monica, California

At almost 52 years of age and with a stressful job, I am frequently complimented on my youthful appearance and I know Micro Pearl Resurfacing has been responsible for assisting me in maintaining my look.
I am always delighted when someone asks me how I keep my skin looking so healthy because I can share my secret. As a result, several of my friends are also now Micro Pearl Resurfacing devotees. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and please never stop.

Scarborough, Ontario

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have used Micro Pearl Resurfacing for thirty days and my skin is alive again. My girlfriends commented on how youthful I looked and swore that I had a laser peel and botox. Micro Pearl Resurfacing is the best of the best!

Paulette Davis
Austin, Texas

I am in my forties and for years have been using only the best skin care products. I have also had various treatments from my dermatologist including Micro Dermabrasion. Nothing has had the results of Micro Pearl Resurfacing. Not only is it lovely to put on, but the results are immediate and amazing. My skin absolutely glows; skin tone has evened out and age spots have dramatically lessened.

Barbara Balkin
Tucson, Arizona

Amazing! That's the only word that I can think of to describe Micro Pearl Resurfacing. I'm a sixty five year old grandmother who has never done a thing for my skin. My daughter couldn't believe it. She saw my results and immediately went into the bathroom and tried it. Now, she uses it. He was probably just being nice, but a man at the market asked if we were sisters.

Hope Sullivan
Kansas City, Kansas

My skin is glowing. My wrinkles have diminished. My husband's amazed.
Thank you so much for Micro Pearl Resurfacing.

Fran Watkins
Clearwater, Florida

As a child I had a bad acne problem that scared me for life. In later years lazer resurfacing helped my situation, but I still had trouble keeping my skin fresh looking. Micro Pearl Resurfacing has solved all that. In only one month my skin is radiant. It's the skin I always dreamed of as a teenager.

Debra Sheehan
Seattle, Washington

It works! It's awesome! I'm hooked!

Greta Bullock
Vancouver, British Columbia