is truly the Fountain of Youth for your Body. Used daily by the most famous figures in the world, BODY will help make tired, under nourished and damaged skin into viibrant, youthful, and healthy skin. The years will literally just fade away. The crushed pearl will not only take away dead cells, and rejuvinate new ones, but BODY will also nourish your skin with deep sea minerals and calcium, and will help even out itís tone. The added minerals help diffuse light and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. StarMaker Products is proud to make available one of the best kept secrets of the Hollywood entertainment industry, MICROPEARL~BODY

Body for $19.95 (+S&H)

is a combination of heavenly moisturizers,
botanicals and hydrolyzed pearl. With it's secret process, SATINEÉ helps to not only improve the moisture content of the skin, but also helps leave the entire body soft and supple. Hydrolyzed pearl, along with an exceptional combination of Aloe Vera and herbal extracts, helps soothe, tone, nourish and condition your skin. StarMaker Products is proud to make available Hollywood's, up 'till now, secret skin treatment, MICRO PEARL~SATINEÉ

                                         Satineé for $19.95 (+S&H)

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